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Appreciation and Inspiration to Serve

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Bengal Famine

Please do not let the sense of sadness when you see this picture be the dominant emotion. Allow yourself to feel appreciation for the fact that there is a very high likelyhood you have never been (and never will be) food insecure. Even though the people in the picture are ever bit as deserving as we are, we won the time-and-place birth lottery and have the luxury of experiencing conditions orders of magnitude more enjoyable. Embrace appreciation, embrace the fact that we are lucky. It will give you a mental foothold for the second transformative thought:

You are in an environment with the exciting benefit of not having to worry about starving to death. Now what? How do you choose to use your luck and time in this physical shell. You have the focus and power to devote yourself to the pursuit of raising quality of life for every human so no one ever experiences this degree of hunger. Not only will you be patting yourself on the back when you do your posthumous assessment of your human simulation, you will also experience the magic of fulfillment and satisfaction resonating to the core of your being right now.

The proverbial pie is infinite. We do not need to take away from others so that we may thrive. The next phase of evolution is a world where every single person has enough, all are free to pursue whatever activities are most exciting and beneficial. Thrive friends.

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