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“The less you need conditions around you to support the image you see in your mind, the more powerful you are”

All of us have conditions around us we don’t prefer. It is worth remembering that contrast is a beautiful gift because it’s the only possible way we can intimately come to know our own preferences. Our challenge is that it’s really difficult to appreciate contrast in the midst of hunger or loneliness or depression. In the midst of challenge, surrounded by that which you don’t prefer, this is where you show your strength. This is where you demonstrate your power.

Visualize what it is you want, hold that dream close to your chest and don’t tell anyone lest their own fear/doubt infect your vision. Power is your ability to hold that vision in the presence of overwhelming evidence that it isn’t true yet. Hold that vision so hard that you start to appreciate the moment for being a perfect stepping stone. Love and appreciation for you.

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