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Your Most Important Resources

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

When we think about resources it is so easy to immediately think money. So many different times throughout our days it demands our attention and takes center stage in our thoughts. But is it really your most important resource? Consider this:

  1. Time - If you don't have time nothing else matters. Few have ever been on their deathbed and thought "I wish I had more money", but many billionaires have died thinking "I wish I had more time". If you have time (you're reading this, you do) then you are already rich with the most important resource

  2. Focus - How all things are created. The exciting value of negative experiences is that they clarify our focus, we know more clearly (because of what we don't want) what it is we do want. Powerful desire creates powerful focus. Focus is how every single thing, from a sandwich to a skyscraper are moved from thought into physical reality.

  3. Health - Our health is the vehicle through which focus is applied. Great health is a foundation of allowing our focus to radiate outwards towards things that serve other people. When health is a challenge, we naturally prioritize re-achieving good health. If we allow lesser vibrations (doubt, fear, hopelessness) to cloud individual alignment then our body will wither and die. When we achieve thought-harmony with a thriving physical body, it will come to be, and then we can redirect our focus outward again to be of service to others.

  4. Relationships - the reason we are on this planet, in this time, in these bodies. Giving ourselves, being vulnerable, and being smothered with love by other people feels wonderful

  5. Money - a wonderful resource that allows us to invest in things without an immediate return - Steve Jobs (see video below), donate to others, provide a high quality of life for ourselves and the people we care about.

Your life experience probably resonates with the fact that the more you appreciate, the more you receive. Too often we get caught in the mind trap of thinking "sure I would have a lot to appreciate if I were rich", have the wisdom to recognize the more you appreciate resources 1-4, the more likely it is that mountains of resource 5 will find their way onto your path.


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