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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Some of our greatest spiritual teachers like to say “life is inherently meaningless”. On the surface this sounds belittling and callous, it takes a little exploration to unearth the empowering message: you decide. You are born with the powerful freedom to choose what is meaningful for you. I submit that we all have something deeply in common - it feels good when we help others.

When you die your soul isn’t going to tally up how much money you made, or how many times you had sex (although both are wonderful). What matters, what gives life the rich fabric of purpose, progress, and meaning is service. We are better for it. Permanently better.

How empowering to recognize there are souls before us, even farther along in their spiritual development who have reached this same conclusion. How beautiful that the desire to be of service grows proportionally with our own strength and spiritual alignment. How much help must be readily available to us through of this common thread that binds us all? How beautiful to find allies and like-minded friends, united in our mutual desire to uplift and serve. This is why powerful nonphysical forces revel with us in our victories, and serve as a light-post through our challenges. When we thrive, all goodness thrives. Thrive.

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