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Study Futurism, not History

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The best way to create more of the same is by studying history. The best way you can duplicate results of the past is by learning the lessons of the past. Nothing magical comes out of copying what is already known. The things that spread virally the things that take your planet by storm, the things that genuinely cause 10x improvement in quality of life, production, well-being are created by innovation. Innovation by its very nature is antithetical to history, innovation is something new, something that goes beyond the frontiers of what has been. If you are a true student of creation the best way you can produce is through your imagination. History is a great way to indoctrinate, a great way to become a wrote-memorizer. The study of history is a great way to become a drone. One of the worst things an educational program can do to hungry young minds is to build structures that reward regurgitating memorized information back onto a piece of paper. This does not encourage creativity, this does not spark new forms of thinking, this does not benefit anyone.

The idea that “learning history will prevent us from repeating the mistakes of the past” is flawed. Learning history is a method of passing forward the same biases of the people writing the history books. An alternative, an enlightened method of growth a better form of value generation is to encourage futurism.

The reason futurism is so wonderful is because when you imagine how the world could be, when you imagine an ideal situation when you imagine scenarios in which humans all have the opportunity to pursue the endeavors that bring joy happiness and fulfillment that’s when you set about creating inspiration to create that future. That’s when individuals take it upon themselves to solve problems that will allow that future to exist. That’s when real passions are ignited when people take responsibility for solving problems. Looking backwards does not create a positive forward. Instead schools, parents, teachers should follow the internal intuition, the beautiful inspiration the beautiful internal guidance that every child already possesses. This allows them to focus on the subjects and passions that are exciting to them because those passions are the beginnings, the seeds of what they are going to generate.

Those who study the future, those who become excited about what will develop in your species, those that are eager for the technologies that are unfolding before you, those who study the graphs of healthcare and average lifespan and poverty line, those understand that the world is getting better not at linear rate but at an exponential rate. Those people understand that the next generation will have the option of not working a day in their life but that is not inspiring to people, everyone wants to fulfill their purpose and everyone’s purpose is to be of service and uplift other people in their own special unique individual way. Every person wants to live out their passion. Every person wants to apply service that they can see and feel and hear is benefitting another person or thousands of other people. Everyone wants that gratification, that sense of fulfillment and purpose and meaning and value that you get from knowing that you really applied yourself you gave every iota of your being to a pursuit and there were challenges and you smashed through roadblocks but the result is something, a gift a creation a service a product that you can give to another and it really really benefits them. They have a better experience in this human game that you call life because you applied yourself and then you have the joy the pleasure the delight of feeling their response. That is fulfillment that is true meaning that is what every person on this planet is seeking and unfortunately previous generations have not had the luxury that you and future generations will have.

So many were trapped into factory jobs, so many people were forced to be farmers just because there really were no other options. That has changed. That is no longer true. Now people are pursuing creativity like never before and that luxury that opportunity that gift is going to increase. More and more people will have the opportunity to express themselves through their art. Business can be an art. Singing, writing, dancing, music, these are all obvious forms of art but anything that you choose to apply yourself to is your version of that art. More and more people will find fulfillment through the pursuit of what they were meant to be doing here. More and more people will have more and more default states of happiness and wellbeing. More and more, this is why you came. This is why you chose to be a human, this is one version of your soul’s expression and the more you choose to be happy and the more you apply yourself to your passions with faith, with knowing that this is what you were meant to the better and better your results will be.

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