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The Other You

Right now in this moment there are things you want. You are probably acutely aware of them because you think about them all the time. What a great irony that the things you want a little bit you likely don’t have any resistance about, so they come easily. The things you really want are probably things you’ve given a ton of thought and have a ton of resistance about. The fact that you don’t have them yet - and have wanted them for a while - is evidence of this.

We live in a universe of infinite parallel realities. Use this fact to serve you. Right now, in this perfect moment there is a version of you that is living the reality you want to live. In this perfect moment a version of you is experiencing everything your contrast has shown you that you prefer. In the same way that an actor wears the frequency, attributes, character of a person they want to represent, you have the option in this moment to wear and display the frequency of the other you. Take the time, have the wisdom to do this. You will notice your opinion about your conditions changes - instantly. You will notice your feeling about the same conditions you were living just moments before is authentically different.

As your frequency changes, your reality changes. This is universal law. Thrive!

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