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Trump: Our Oblivious Teacher

Updated: Apr 27

Long after Trump is removed we will be gaining global benefit as a result of the lessons this magnificent historical didact has accidentally given our world. The reason for this are two-fold:

Trump surprised us so many times. Over and over this great emperor of belligerence broke with convention and manifested crazy realities through sheer force of will. This remarkable feat gives credibility and evidence for the Law of Attraction. His stunning results prove the fact that we live in a vibrational universe where anything is possible as long as desire is met with alignment.

A great leader is one who leads by example. In contrast the very public Trump is one who leads by counter-example. Trump has given us the wonderful gift of being able to see what happens to an individual who cares more about belittling than uplifting. This is an exciting opportunity to see that an individual - no matter how high in office or position - who is more focused on destroying than building will reap what they sow, as the fragile house of cards they stand on cannibalizes itself. The paper-thin armor of Trump, created by fanning the emotions of hate and fear will naturally turn on itself and splinter into self-serving pieces. In stark contrast those whose primary motivation is to serve and benefit everyone they touch, will naturally minimize the weaknesses of those around them resulting in a group whose sum is greater than the individual parts.

So Trump, on behalf of everyone who is better off by seeing you and deciding “I don't want to be like that”, thank you. You are a great teacher, despite the fact that you are unaware of the lessons you teach. On behalf of all souls in search of individual truth through the joy of service and benefit, I honor you Trump.

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